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Monday, October 29, 2012

{FREEBIE} Go on ahead Winter

These snow globes are really popular. They are great to use in bulletin boards, worksheets and craftivities.
Teachers love this set, as they are saying:

"Thanks so much! You have my creating wheels in motion with this one! :)" Says MrHughes

 "Oooo I can't wait to use these! Thankyou!" Says AliMath

 "What a great idea for clip art! Thank you for sharing." Says Stephanie Ann

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Friday, October 5, 2012

100 followers Linky party!!

I´m so happy to have 100 followers already!!! Please join my linky party!!
If you have a teaching product that includes al least one of my graphics you can link it here.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Full of giveaways

I´m always trying to be part of my friends' giveaways. Right now there are two of them running. Don't miss the opportunity to win these amazing prizes:

Enter this giveaway

Enter this giveaway

I really hope you win!!! Good luck!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Be a successful seller in TpT {Tips for newbies}

As I always say: I´m not a gurú. Since last June I´ve reached more than 300 followers and sold more than 750 items in my TpT store. TeacherspayTeachers is a great place, and lately has been featured in several articles, thanks to our biggest inspiration: Deana Jump, who earned 1 million bucks.

But this is about what to do when you´re new to the site and you feel lost in the process. I have a few tips for you that helped me:

1. Get informed. Read the Tips from Margaret and look all the Charity Preston videos, they really will help you to understand the market and how we work there.

2. Set up your profile completely. Your description, profile picture, and name are very important. It´s all about the trust. Choose a creative name, something unique and a lovely picture of you. People want to know who are they talking with. (You may want to use a logo, but I highly reccomend a picture of you)

3. Fill your store. The first months you have to work a lot to fill your store with high quality products. Every single product has to be perfect (mainly the free ones). Quality products sells by theirselves. Always make beautifull cover pages, thumbnail images and complete descriptions.

4. Introduce yourself. Use the forum to tell people who you are, but also to help people. The key is to help others. That´s the way of our community. Be aware what is happening and be part of the conversation. Be carefull, TpT forum can be really adictive!!!

5. Gain followers. Doing all the above will help you with followers. Don´t ask for followers in the forum, they aren´t real followers and you will not make any sale from they. To gain followers you must do 2 things: 1. Make freebies, people love free things and that shows them your work, if they like it, they will follow you. 2. Take part in every giveaway and linky party you see in the forums.

6. Promote your items. The best way to promote items is Pinterest. Ask to be added in the collaborative boards. You can find them in the forum. But also you should have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a blog. It´s a lot of work to maintain those accounts, but it pays off.

7. Be prepared for the feedback. Usualy the feedback we get is nice. But bad feedback will be here soon or later. You must be prepared to receive it and not to be disturb by it. Although you should hear what people have to say about your work. If you feel wonded, don´t answer right away. Take your time, analyze your product and always thank this person and be nice. Always!

8. Dedicate time to your store. Doing tips from 1-7 is not for a day or a week. You must dedicate time every day to work, promote, review, post, talk and help others. Otherwise this will not work.

I will be doing a post for every tip, because I don´t want to make this one too big and there are some more thing to tell you about it. I hope you find this usefull and don´t hesitate to ask me anything in the comments.

Thanks for stoping by!
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