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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{FREE} Computer center rules posters for teens

Hi guys!

The other day I was asked to be a substitute teacher for 9th grade in my school (we don't have those long vacations in the middle of the year here). I took them to the computers room and just watched what they were doing. Facebook was the first page they opened (Of course). Some of them also opened youtube and started to watch videos.

After a while, I give them a simple task: make a short presentation of your favorite group /music artist. They started fast and get lost in the internet world. Not even one of them finished the task :(

I thought a lot about it that night and came up with a solution: Classroom rules. You could think as they are bigger kids now they will know what the rules are, but no. They need to know they are in a working area where they have to focus in the work.

So, I came up with these and posted in the computer classroom. (I'm not posting real pictures because is not my room and I can be in troubles if I do it)

These are memes, they are fun and viral in the internet. I have to say the kids loved them. They laughed a lot and showed interest in the posters and the content. These posters are free at my TpT store, just go there, download and enjoy! (There are 17 posters in the download)

I will be really happy if you tell me what do your students thought about the posters? Do they helped you in your classroom?

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